Thursday, April 02, 2009

Life's looking brighter every day!
To others, events add colours into their lives...but to me, more and has been the people in my life who's adding colours, may it be pink, red, yellow, blue, green etc.

1) shared a macdonalds' meal with Sarah. we talked, we crapped and we even disturbed rayna when she's on her way home...but she loves it because she's always bored waiting for her bus to come.

2) Have been seeing Cheryl everyday, but i love it.

3) Met Amy yesterday. She came from school, so I bought her a blueberry muffin and a mango smoothie from cafe to compensate for her lunch that she missed out on! Probably next time, i'll get her a blackberry instead of a blue one!

4) Spent time with Wendy last night. It's simple...she cooked noodle for me and I washed the dishes for her. Hehehe. That's why we are friends!

5) Brought Ralph out today...Tampines Mall! Treated him to Pastamania and we went shopping together! Went into 77th street and i bought him a nice brown wrist band....those that makes a man looks even cool-er after wearing!


Friday, October 24, 2008

hey guys! i've moved my blog to -
Yupp yupp!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008's me....=P

Rain down, all around the world, we're singing...Rain down!

It's been a reaalllyyy looonnnng time since i last blog....
I shall attempt to blog about some hem...attempt...

1) I had CG today with F22 and it was awesommme! Today's flow was really different and the CG's spiritual atmosphere is used to so "MIND" and now, it's full of the "HEART". The good news of how other CGs have grown, inspired F22 to dash across the line of mediocrity and now, we want to grow! Gonna double...SWEET SIXTEEN!

2) I have been praying so much for Zone'll be a strong zone, the rain of God will pour over this zone, cultures, characters and hearts will be built... leaders will rise up... life will be oozing out of every person's heart...we are going to breakthrough 200!

3) Pst How's birthday had just passed and the church had a wonderful celebration for our DEARRESSTT PASTOR HOW! It was amazing and mind blowing to see how our youths are just so creative. So many talents and not to say, our very home grown GXT Productions!! Jack Neo should watch this man...needless to say, I was shocked to see Roy acting so well...hahaha. His secret desire really...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR HOW!!! We love you and we'll keep running this race beside you and build a strong church...towards 1400!

4) My school has started...Corporate Law and Statistics! I'm having night classes every night from Monday to Saturday...'s stretching. Though I mentioned that it seems the same to me, but I am slowly feeling the pressure as the topics get tougher day by day. That means, I really have to study every night and complete my homework on time! No more Secondary School days kind of treatment for myself...this time round, it's real stuff and it's gonna be good! I kind of enjoy studying, esp in two different classes this module. I love it! Haha...the environment, the culture, the people, the lecturer...PGSM is the best! Finally, seeing myself doing well...I am happy!

5) I am going to save up and buy a TAYLOR 514!! Good to post this up! I'm serious about it!

6) It's 1.15am and I am going to sleeeepppp sooon...zzzZZZ

7) I love my bed...and my beloved Sasha beside's a bear!!! Hahhaa

8) Goodnight and sweet dreams...xoxoxo

Love much,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

F22's first connect group meeting (:

the three musketeers!
Gwyneth & Tessa
Qiao Hui & Yi Jing
Ming Ge & Tessa, our drama queen!MING GE...woohoo
Joanne & Amy <3
Donuts with drinks served after CG!!

Today was simply the best!
We had our first connect group meeting - 15 July 2008!
Tessa, you led a very fun game and can I tell you we totally enjoyed ourselves?
Thank you Amy for the Kinder Bueno!
Qiao Hui, Ming Ge & Yi Jing...what can we do without you guys??!
The presence of God was there.
You girls really worshipped and sang your hearts out.
When you prayed, I can hear your heart's cry in wanting to see souls saved!
You really carried the vision of this church with you.
I'm so proud of all of you!
I believe with all my heart - F22 will hit 20!!
With you guys around...a pillar in Zone F!
I so love you all. <3

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Charleston...Pammy...Joanne...and the three of us!

Dom's mushroom...Pammy...Joanne...and the both of us!
Just two random photos we took last week while getting a 10 mins breather, before continuing with work!
Life has been simply awesome and full of surprises!
Met Pastor How before he flys off today and Pastor was very happy because the church is growing in strength.
We had a powerful service yesterday when Pastor How preached about Faith etc.
During the last part, our whole church came together and pray!
It's a strong, fervent prayer of our church.
You could literally feel the whole atmposhere shifting and the Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully in our midst.
We prayed and prayed and prayed...we almost couldn't stop.
The spiritual engine was running faster and faster...Amazing!
How great is our God!
We are stepping into the fourth dimension.
We are going to create the miracle in our mind.
Our church is going to much so that it's going to blow our minds off too!
Hahah. Personally, I find myself moving on to somewhere bigger...
my spirit's exploding,my mind's expanding, my heart's enlarging.
I am young and energetic...there's gonna be so many things that I can do for God.
Faith and Success!
Zone F...F22! 20!

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